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Content people actually want to see, read, and hear- every day of the year

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12 Months of Story Prompts + Training to Use Them!

Create a FULL YEAR of compelling, actionable, shareable story-based content!

(without having to even think about what to say)!

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I want to make your life So. Much. Easier.


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You can completely change the way people see you by one simple shift...

See, you have everything you need to go from ignored to adored… you just don’t know how to use it. And you don’t have a SIMPLE system to do it.


The power is in your stories. But people aren’t told how to actually use stories in a real and easy way to build up their audience, client list, and bank accounts.


So, what happens instead...


  • You spend countless hours gathering quotes, hashtags, and stock photos and putting together content that feels completely useless (because it IS)

  • You post all the time, but you’re hearing crickets when it comes to engagement (and start to wonder if people are even seeing your posts)

  • You’ve tried EVERYTHING, like reading #allthebooks, trying to replicate what seems to be working for others, and even throwing money at boosting posts here and there, but you still feel like you’re throwing dry noodles at the wall (and wishing someone would just TELL.YOU.WHAT.THE.HECK.TO.DO.AND.SAY)

  • You’re sick and tired of hearing everybody talk about how content is king, without giving you real usable advice to make it work (and starting to think it only works for people with a budget to outsource- side-eye alert)

  • You just can’t figure out why others get tons of likes, comments, and shares while you struggle to even get your posts “seen by” more than 5 people. (Cue the song- Hello comparisonitis my old friend…)

I have good news, bad news, and amazing news...


The good news is that one simple shift can turn your content from invisible to unforgettable.

The bad news is you're going to have to change the way you create content to do that.

The amazing news is that it doesn’t have to be difficult to learn how to make that shift. In fact, it can be SUPER easy.

You can get the best story-based content calendar system available

(for less than the cost of a movie you’ll only watch once).

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Hey, I’m Amber, and I’m the one you go to when you want to radically change your business and life by radically changing the way you show up.


If you want to create a movement, you need messaging that moves.

  • Words that speak to the heart

  • An image that stands out and helps people see that you can help them make a difference

  • Stories that inspire so your audience can aspire

  • Promises that help people believe in you and your brand




You need the fuel to find your purpose-driven mission, tell your story, and actually change lives.

Because THAT is what people pay attention to.

In fact, it’s so important to talk to your people this way, I’ve built a business around doing it through

  • My signature service, using the Brandividuation™ framework

  • Serving 1:1 clients through brand story development

  • Teaching service providers how to uncover, validate, and share brand stories

  • Creating story-based content for myself and others that has grown audiences, turned strangers into fans, and gotten clients booked

  • Taking driven entrepreneurs from $0-10k months in 3 months or less. BOOM.

The way you talk to people tells them everything they need to know.

When you’re creating content, you want to be very intentional about how you’re talking to your people.

When you figure out what to share and when to share it, you’ll be…

  • Checking in on social media once or twice a day to have enjoyable, exciting conversations rather than checking in every 15 minutes to see if anyone has even seen your posts

  • Getting real responses to your content from people who WANT to know more about you and will tell you what’s working (so you know to do more of it)

  • Making deeper connections that get people to remember you (especially when they need someone who offers exactly what you do)

  • Spending more time on other, more important areas of your business and life when you don’t have to struggle to come up with new content all the time (and finally loving the social part of social media again). #LessStressedMoreBlessed

So, what if you could have a repeatable, actionable, struggle-free system that tells you exactly what to share, every day of the year?

Introducing The Storyweavers Content Calendar


12 months (365 days) of story prompts that will attract, engage, and build relationships with your dream clients and customers. (Plus, BONUS 20 extra prompts!)

This system will make weaving story into your daily content simple, without having to think about what to say- ever.

Buy this 12-month calendar now and...

Write your content in 5 minutes or less per day.

Make one of the  most time-consuming tasks of your business faster, easier, and more effective.

Batch a whole month's content at once, set it, and forget it!

12 Months of Story Prompts
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(Immediate Delivery)

What you get...

12 months of content prompts, built into a calendar to help you tell your brand story (you’ll know exactly what to share every day of the year)

SPECIAL Storyweaver-only resources so you know what to do when you’re ready to go even deeper on your stories (and going deeper with your audience means MAX loyalty boosting)

BONUS- 20 additional prompts so you have options (who doesn’t like options?)

Training video so you know how to make the most of your calendar (it couldn’t be any easier for you to know how to use this!)

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You Want To...

Be Interesting. With this calendar, you can get people to see, pay attention to, and respond to your message- just by being you.

Be Relevant. We have so many things pulling our attention away all the time… you have to make your content relevant so people know it matters to them.

Be Adored. Have people perk up and say “me TOOOO!!!” when you share a story. THAT is what turns a stranger into a fan. And THAT is what gets people to believe in (and buy from) you. (Because we don’t really want a fanclub that never buys, #amIright?)



  • Click on that pretty red button below, click "View in Cart," and pay to get your order in.

  • Check your email for the link to your Storyweavers Content Calendar, which will come within about 15 minutes or less.

  • Read the info on the “Start Here” page and watch the training video.

  • Plug your stories into your favorite scheduler and forget about it…

  • Then feel the shift that happens in your content engagement.


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(Use It Right Away!)

Risk-Free Guarantee

Every resource I’ve put together for you has been created out of a need, tested, and approved by happy clients and customers.

I can’t promise you specific return. BUT, I can tell you that people who have gotten products and/or services from me, implemented them, and used them as directed has shared massive results with me. 

That’s why I’m happy to offer a risk-free guarantee. If you’re not completely happy with your purchase for any reason, simply request a refund within 14 days and I’ll be happy to refund you, without pushback.

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Amber's a brand strategist for impact-driven brands who are ready to have a more meaningful messaging that reflects their big vision. Her signature service, Brandividuation, combines market research, brand strategy, positioning, and key messaging to make marketing magic happen.

She knows firsthand the struggle of not having your unique gifts reach the right people. Over her 5 in content and brand management, she’s served over 600 clients and customers, improving their positioning and reach, taking them from $0-10k months, or simply helping them talk about their offers in a way that feels good.

Now, she’s helping entrepreneurs like you do all of that (at a fraction of the cost of hiring her one-on-one) with her program Storytellers Anonymous.

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Frequently Asked Questions...

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Want this, but feeling hesitant because you've gotten other content calendars before and got disappointed?

Yeah, I get it. Roshni was, too. Here's how our convo went down...

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I don't do junk offers. Everything you get from me is jam-packed with value. That's my promise.

In the time it took you to read through this page, you could have already created some of your content for the cost of a couple cups of coffee.

$29 to get an ENTIRE year’s content mapped out for you.

This price is going up soon. Make sure you’re one of the ones that got to say you got this system when it was just this low... Because it won’t last long.

Before the price goes up! (It already has once an people are telling me to triple it again!)

... & send me an update later 😉

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