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There’s a huge gap in marketing many leaders don’t even realize exists. That’s unfortunate. Teams, employees, contractors, and even leaders struggle to get a clear, cohesive, effective marketing strategy in place without the gap filled. That makes it hard to grow the business. I’ll share what you’ll find on the blog in a moment. First, I want to tell you a story about how I discovered this gap.

Discovering the Gap in Marketing

Starting out as a copywriter a few years ago, I began to realize that I couldn’t do my job well. Clients didn’t have the right foundations in place. They wanted copy that would convert or content that would attract leads, but didn’t have a clue what was uniquely attractive about their brand or how to position it.

Often, they couldn’t explain their value, offers, audience segments, customer journey, or even their own voice. Sometimes, they weren’t even clear about their core purpose that drove their brand or the promise they were making. I saw this gap come up over and over with every project I took on. So, I started learning as much as I could about brand identity development and marketing strategy.

At one point, I realized my zone of genius was actually connecting the dots for people in their business. I shed the copywriter title and stepped into brand strategy in late 2017. Brandividuation® is the result of pinpointing all the pieces of a brand’s core foundation that were typically missing and putting them into a well-planned process, deeply insightful experience, and effective and powerful deliverables. Brandividuation® is a branding guideline … and it isn’t.

I started the blog to show up on my mission – showing leaders how to build their brand from the right foundation for a fuller, more meaningful experience with their ideal clients.

More than a Brand Guideline

When most people think of a brand guideline, they think of a PDF or booklet that has standard elements – logos, colors, fonts, typography, and maybe grammar basics. But, what we do through Brandividuation® is so much more. It’s the foundation every business owner needs, before visuals can even be considered. The core unique character, the brand’s relation to the world, and its connection to the world have to be well-defined. Those things are included in Brandividuation® development.

What was supposed to be the connection between brand and marketing turned out to be much more. Clients repeatedly shared how transformative the experience was. It gave them clarity about how to communicate their value without complicating the message. But, it gave them something more – newfound energy toward their work and excitement about the mission they were on. We want to help more leaders find renewed energy and optimism toward what they bring to the world. So, I started the blog to show up on my mission – showing mission-focused leaders how to build their brand from the right foundation to have a fuller, more meaningful experience with their ideal clients and customers and stand out from the crowd.


Brandividuation® is here to shift the way we do marketing for impact-focused organizations and leaders. It helps them move past their mission statement to show up on a mission. We provide brand identity development and refining, marketing strategy, and content strategy for social entrepreneurs and purpose-led B2B businesses.

What You’ll Find on the Blog

On this blog, you’ll find resources and information related to brand building, brand strategy, marketing strategy, marketing plans, content marketing, and content calendars, among related topics.

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Hey there – I’m Amber Brooks, the founder of Brandividuation®. Having served as a marketing consultant, content director, marketing producer, and brand strategist, I’ve helped businesses and leaders, from startup to multi-billion dollar revenue enterprises develop brand messaging and marketing initiatives that get results. 


I use surveys, interviews, and research to find out things you never knew (but always wished you did) about your ideal audience. I also help you, the Visionary, get everything out of your head and help your team embrace the bigger purpose. This allows purpose-fueled teams to explain, embody, and sell what they do for better outcomes and more impact.

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