The Biggest Mistake Businesses Make When Choosing Brand Colors

The Biggest Mistake Businesses Make When Choosing Brand Colors

Choosing brand colors for your business is an important decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Colors have the power to evoke emotions and give off messages, so it’s crucial that you choose the colors wisely. In this blog article, we will discuss what brand colors are and why they’re so important to a successful business.

Brand colors are two or more colors that create a brand’s unique identity. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the colors should also be memorable and easy to recognize. Color helps your business stand out from the competition by creating an emotional connection with customers. For example, McDonald’s uses red in its logo because it is associated with passion.

The Importance of Brand Colors

These colors help you create brand recognition. When you think of Coca-Cola, what colors are immediately associated with the brand? Red and white stripes! These two colors help customers both remember and identify Coke from other brands.

Where Are They Used? 

The brand’s logo is the most important use of your colors. This should be a consistent and recognizable image for your business that includes all of your colors to help customers identify it from competitors.

Ensure consistency by using your colors on all marketing materials, including brochures, letterhead, online platforms, signs, and even employee uniforms so everyone aligns all assets to your brand guidelines.

What Do Brand Colors Mean?

What Do They Mean?

Certain colors help companies build brand recognition while customers remember and identify them from competitors. Colors also represent attributes or ideals your company stands for such as luxury, quality, or sophistication.

The use of color psychology is a powerful way to get attention and help people have the right perception of your brand.

For example, red is used for excitement or passion, while blue represents calmness and peace.

How Many Should Your Brand Have? 

When choosing your colors to use, it is best to select two or three main colors, as well as a neutral and/or accent color to add a POP of color,  depending on your business.

The colors that you choose are important because they create a brand identity and make your company stand out from competitors. Each color should have its own meaning but also blend or complement other colors.

The Biggest Mistake Businesses Make When Choosing Colors

Some businesses choose colors that are too similar, and this can make it difficult for people to tell the difference between them. For example, if you have two different shades of blue- one light and one dark- they may look very alike on your website or in print.

The Benefits of Working With A Brand Strategist

Working with a brand strategist will help you make brand decisions that are consistent and will help build your company’s reputation. This is a professional who has studied branding for many years and can offer advice on how to create the perfect brand identity, logo design, color palette, or typography options based on your goals and budget.

The Biggest Mistake Businesses Make When Choosing Brand Colors

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