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Let’s Map Out A Cohesive Strategy For Brand Growth

Brand Breakthroughs are intensive-style sessions for B2B impact-driven leaders who need to plan out their next best steps to uplevel their company.

In order to have sustainable business growth, you need a strategic plan of action.

What sustainable success looks like:

What sustainable success doesn't look like:

Investing a lot of money into one problem and not knowing what to do next or how to budget for anything else your business needs.

With the right strategic growth plan, you’ll be able to focus on your zone of genius knowing you’re headed toward your next big brand elevation.

Here’s what happens when you book a

Breakthrough Session

1: Intake

Once you secure your time with me and visual brand strategist Laurie Baines, you’ll get a questionnaire to give us the information we need to understand your business, challenges, and goals.

2: We Get to Work

Based on your intake questions, me and Laurie put together a tentative plan for your brand growth that will be finalized during our session.

3: The Session

We’ll cover what you should focus on, timelines, budgets, prioritization, and any other resources you may need. As we go, we may need to further refine your plan so it represents how you can get to your goals in a way that works best for you.

4: Your Roadmap

You’ll get the full plan with the slide deck from our call, recording, and a proposal to help you take the next step with us if you choose to. (If not, you can still use the plan to implement with your own team if you wish.)

You’ll walk away with a strategic growth plan and action items for the next year so you can work toward your goals with purpose and focus.

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Investment: $997

About Your Guides

Hey there – I’m Amber Brooks, the founder of Brandividuation®. Having served as a marketing consultant, content director, marketing producer, and brand strategist, I’ve helped businesses and leaders, from startup to multi-billion dollar revenue enterprises develop brand messaging and marketing initiatives that get results. 

I use surveys, interviews, and research to find out things you never knew (but always wished you did) about your ideal audience. I also help you, the Visionary, get everything out of your head and help your team embrace the bigger purpose. This allows purpose-fueled teams to explain, embody, and sell what they do for better outcomes and more impact.

As a visual brand strategist and creative director, Laurie Baines brings a refined skillset, acquired knowledge, and unwavering support to the Brandividuation® experience. We also partner as your fractional marketing department through web design projects and ongoing brand support.


Laurie’s an intuition-led expert in visual branding and creative design with 30 years of experience. She can see the big picture when it comes to your vision and the little details that make it whole.

Together, Amber & Laurie help you grow your brand beyond your dreams.