You + Me + Us + We

Let’s cover it all so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into when we work together for the first time - which hopefully won’t be the last because brands constantly evolve and you are going to need support.


  • You genuinely care more about impact than income. but know it takes effective marketing to raise revenue and expand impact
  • You know the value in expertise and are happy to outsource to those experts 
  • You want a trusted advisor to help your team scale and are willing to invest in team growth
  • You know marketing isn’t one-and-done, so you are committed to publishing consistent content 
  • You are excited to invest in your growth knowing it will pay off in spades

If you’ve gotten this far and you’re saying heck yes, it’s probably a heck yes for me, too. Keep reading.


  • I will care just as much about your business as I care about my own business, but you have to care about your business even more than I do.
  • I believe in the quality of my work. I need signature frameworks based on the way my brain works and what you need, so I need it to work on repeat. 
  • I’m a process nerd – clear scopes, timelines, steps, and communication is uber important to my OCD heart. I have a feeling you’ll appreciate that tremendously.
  • I’m a little awkward and a little lot extra – you’ll need to be prepared for me geeking out over client intelligence with you.
  • The whole reason I started my business was so I could be where I’m needed, when I’m needed for my family, especially my kids with chronic and complex health challenges. Respectful boundaries are important on both sides of the table, but I’ll never leave you hanging.

Does it sound like we’re a match so far? COOL - because I’ve cultivated a posse of professional service providers who will be a perfect fit, too. Keep reading.


  • For my signature service, Brandividuation®, I collaborate with the most amazing visual brand strategist, designer, and creative director I’ve ever met, Laurie Baines.
  • I partner with vetted and experienced service providers and we all share a dreamy ideal client list (that probably includes you if you’re still reading).
  • We each have our own businesses, but work together, either through referrals or subcontracting, to get the job done and reach a shared goalwhich happens to be your success.
  • We are ready to be your village and help you rise. If we could be in the same room, we’d link arms and raise glasses, too, but we’re kinda all over the continent.
  • Our partnership circle includes a developer, virtual assistants, copywriters, marketing experts, photographers, videographers, social media managers, coaches, consultants, finance experts, and more. 

Still excited? ME TOO! Read on to find out how we all come together.


  • With you, me, and my partner circle, the potential for your brand will be limitless. We’ll basically be your marketing team, without the HR headaches and in-house costs.
  • Because everything has to be built from a solid brand foundation, that’s where we start. Laurie and I can assess, develop, or refine your brand foundation through Brandividuation® and then talk about bringing in backup for implementation if needed.
  • Brandividuation® always includes an offboarding strategy session so we know exactly what needs to be built in the coming 6-12 months, who to pull in, and how to plan for timelines and budgets.
  • Brandividuation® also includes a special leadership program custom-designed by leadership coach and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) expert, Ravi Toor. If you find you need ongoing support, you’ll have her to guide you as your build your empire.
  • Already have a super solid foundation? Great! I bet you’re ready for marketing support. That’s where Poised Presence typically comes in and we help you get the message out to a wider audience.

Sound like a total no-brainer? I certainly think so. Book a call to work with me (+ us) here - I’ll be in touch about next steps to start exploring.

Official Bio

Amber Brooks is the founder of Brandividuation®, a signature solution for female founders and women-supported impact-driven brands. Amber has served as a Marketing Consultant for Where We Help, Content Director for Rebelle Con, Marketing Producer for Singularity University. She’s helped businesses and leaders, from startup to multi-billion dollar revenue enterprises develop brand messaging and marketing initiatives that make an impact. Amber offers a more in-depth and effective method of brand positioning and messaging by leveraging a third-party client intelligence process and applying psychology-based frameworks. This approach allows female founders and women-supported teams explain, embrace, and sell what they do and who they do it for so they can create impact while having an impactful life.

Connect with Amber
“I scheduled a brand session with Amber, and it was PURE GOLD. She helped me identify my unique strengths, what draws my best clients to me, and what I do for them that they value MOST. I no longer do it ALL. Instead, I do ME. And I increased revenue by 50%!”
Tammy Reimiller
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